Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fun in Anime-land

Last November I attended Shadocon as both BT from .hack//SIGN and Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon. Both were worn for performances, the former for the .hack//SIGN Musical and the latter for the Mecha Chocobo panel. Here are some pictures from the event of how the costumes turned out. Both were patterned and built from scratch, including all accessories (except for Venus' gloves, those I did use a commercial pattern for).


The headpiece and armbands are just two layers of craft foam sealed with Mod Podge, painted with a mixture of metallic acrylics and then sealed again. The "gems" are Paper Clay, also sealed with Mod Podge, painted with a mixture of metallic acrylics and re-sealed. The dress is built as a single unit with a center back zipper, due in part to having to quick change from one show to the next. To obtain the right shade of teal and greenish-grey, I used Rit Dye in Teal, Dark Green and Pearl Grey.

The staff was the most difficult part for me, but in the end something I was very pleased with. I will go into the building process for it in my next post.

Reay for battle!

BT's cheeky side.

 Sailor Venus

I have always wanted to make this costume, and getting to play Sailor Venus in a skit was the perfect excuse. The uniform is based off a leotard; to get the hip roll and skirt to lay right, I added a seam into the outer layer The skirt is knife pleated with the center right pleat being box pleated, as it is in the anime pictures. The sailor collar is pretty basic as are the chest and back bows (same with the hair bow). The gloves are from a Vogue pattern, to which I added the orange rolls. The shoulders, glove rolls and hip roll are filled with upholstery cording. The tiara is craft foam sealed and painted same as BT's and the gem is made of resin (I did a mixture of yellow with a drop of red coloring to get the color). They're not pictured here, but I did also paint a pair of high heels to match the orange of the uniform. My only issue with how this costume turned out is that I should have angled the sides of the skirt up more at the hem, but that's any easy fix for future conventions.

Venus Crescent Beam!

Day dreaming...

Friday, January 6, 2012

Apologies and updates!

I apologize for taking a whole year off - life went a bit crazy, then I was on an island for four months working at a theatre, followed by not having consistent internet for the rest of the year - very hard to do any blogging that way! I'll update with the rest of the bridesmaid dresses another time (I seem to have misplaced the memory card, oopsies), but I will pick up after that with my other big creations for last year as well as new project for this year. For some post-holiday enjoyment, a few of the goodies I made as Christmas presents this past fall...

Zelda Zebra doll, for my Aunt Polly

Retro-inspired quilted placemats

Quilted placemats with a more traditional color palette

Quilted table runner, pattern from 2001 Quick & Easy Quilting

Neutral scrap scarf, knitted with 5 different yarns

Basic color-blocked scarf, Allure yarn in Ruby and Amethyst

Close-up detail of a lacey scarf made using Homespun