Thursday, February 16, 2012

Corset ready for boning

Everytime I went to type this entry, work called me in early...soo, let's try posting in the middle of the night, when they're closed. :)

I decided to make this in a single layer of coutil, keeping it summer weight and following some of my research. Busk is placed at center front per usual (for a good visual on how to do this, visit Bridges on the Body's corset sew-along at Note, the instructions are for the same corset I'm working on.) All seams are stitched, attaching hip gussets before finishing the rest of the side front and side back seams (this ensures that they meet properly). After this, I flat-felled all seams both for seam stability and strength. The result is something like this (forgive the photo quality, my apartment provides poor lighting for this): 
The pencil lines are for boning placement; seams are all flat-felled and show as a thicker 'strip'
After this, I lay in the boning channels - my wider tape is MIA, so I stitched two 1/2" boning tapes together, barely lapping the edges. 
Here you can see both seams and attached channels.

Details of the over-lapped channels, seams and the rough of my new 'hemline.'
I found that the length of the corset is not to my liking for my shape, so I'm tweaking the 'hemline' considerably, following some of my research. It still rides over my full hip and then some, but now I can sort of sit down, which is important as I may need to one day sit in a modern car while wearing this! I also raised the bust ever so slightly just over the breasts for better support.

All spiral bones have been cut and tipped and are ready to slide into their channels. By next post, the corset should be finished! And then, on to the princess slip challenge pattern!


  1. I'm interested to see how this works with spiral boning. Is the dark pencil line the new hem?

  2. Yes, it is. And the spiral worked quite well - it's quite comfortable and easy to move in. Sitting is still a bit of a challenge, but workable. I just need to re-adjust the fit so that it holds on to me properly. ;)